GARDEN BAKERY sells an assortment of traditional Chinese pastries on its wide counter display. Many patrons here enjoy the ‘sweetheart cake’ or ‘wife cake’ known in Cantonese as lo paw baang, a pastry with a thin flaky crust filled with winter melon, almond, or sesame paste, and spiced with five-spice powder. A groom’s family will gift the bride these pastries along with an invitation to feast, celebrate and bless the marriage. 

For the mid-autumn festival, Garden Bakery sells an assortment of mooncakes symbolizing the heavenly blessings of longevity and good health. Each province in China has its own distinctive mooncake style, with the ones sold in San Francisco Chinatown hailing primarily from the Guangzhou region, notable for their intricately carved molds of floral designs or classic folktale figures such as the Moon Goddess and Jade Rabbit. Known as yuet baang, mooncakes are given to family and friends in decorative boxes throughout the season. Traditionally eaten with tea, the round mooncakes have sweet centers with filled pastes of nuts, seeds, and citrus peels, and salted duck egg yolks symbolizing the moon. During the mid-autumn festivals, families eat a meal and mooncakes outdoors at night, contemplating the moon. 

Signature items: Dan tats or egg custard tarts, wife cake or lo po baang, and mooncakes 

Address: 765 Jackson / 765 傑克遜街

Hours: 6 am-8 pm

Phone: (415) 397-5838

Cash only