Photos by Andria Lo


Obviously, they win the coolest restaurant name award. This Cantonese-style restaurant is owned by Kow Lee, who’s been operating it for the past 20 years, though the restaurant has been around much longer (the original sign out front advertises ‘chop suey,’ a nod to the Chinese-American dish said to have originated in San Francisco.) When asked the about the name, he said he simply added “New” to the existing name when he took it over.


Though previous owners served up more Chinese-American food, Lee changed the menu to homestyle Toisan cooking (a region in the Southern China) -- cozy dishes served in cast-iron and “indestructible” claypots that he painstakingly sources. One of his signature dishes is the Steamed Pork Hash, a large pork patty with sweet and smoky Chinese sausage, a humble and homey dish a Toisanese grandmother would’ve made. Another fun dish is the Glutinous Rice Chicken, which is a roasted chicken stuffed with sticky rice. It takes a whole day to prepare -- so be sure to call in and order ahead!


Signature dishes: Steamed Pork Hash, Lamb Claypot, Stewed Oxtail

Established: 1996

Owner: Kow Lee


Address: 699 Jackson Street

Hours: open daily, Friday, 11AM–9:30PM

Phone: (415) 399-0733

Cash and credit cards accepted