Stories of Chinatown residents, businesses, and culture by local artists.


Chinatown Sweets and Pastries

Chinatown Sweets and Pastries celebrates sweet stories and memories of San Francisco Chinatown's candies, baked goods and desserts. It features artwork from Bay Area artist Vida Kuang, Tiffany Hsieh, graphics and light signs by Brandon Kit Ly @brandonkit and Tiff Hsieh, photos and film by Emma Marie Chiang @echiangphoto with assistance from Martin Peter Bustamante @calbustin.


Chinatown Home Cooking

an exhibit about four local immigrant home chefs that provide everyday nourishment and create a sense of belonging through their Chinese culinary traditions. The centerpiece is Kerry Chan-Laddaran’s 週日晚餐 short film Sunday Dinner, produced by Bummer Lamb Pictures, that premiered at 2017 CAAMfest.  The film, along with photographs by Emma Marie Chiang 蔣智明 and stories share chefs’ journeys shopping at Chinatown’s many grocery, meat, fish, and dried food stores and then preparing dishes that offers a taste of home for their families.

Eat Chinatown

EAT CHINATOWN is a photo exhibit that commemorates classic Chinatown restaurants, diners and bakeries that have been operating for at least 40 years. The exhibit features personal narratives, present-day and historic photos and ephemera. It aims to capture what these establishments mean to the SF community, to three generations of San Franciscans and to people who simply love Chinese food.

by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu

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Chinatown Pretty

Chinatown Pretty aims to celebrate the ingenuity, flair, and beauty of Chinatown and its longtime residents. The exhibition features large format photographic portraits and stories of the residents. CHINATOWN PRETTY is accompanied by a street-style blog and Instagram, which continues “Chinatown Sartorialist,” a story they produced for The Bold Italic.

by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu

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CTA at 30: Power in Unity

Community Tenants Association (CTA) has become a leader in San Francisco’s housing advocate community with its roots firmly established in fighting unjust evictions and advocating for those in need.  The exhibit CTA at 30: Power in Unity celebrates the 30 years of CTA’s members, actions, and role in the community through short videos by filmmaker James Q. Chan, stories, photos, and timeline of the efforts of its 1600 members.  



Chinatown’s Public Art

藝術展華埠: Chinatown’s Public Art is an exhibit featuring the ways art has defined and beautified the Chinatown neighborhood -- from the colorful murals, to pagoda-styled architecture, to the everyday practices of tai chi and Cantonese opera performed on the streets and parks. It features artwork by artist Margarita Soyfertis and Chinatown Community Development Center Youth