Photos by Andria Lo

NEW LUN TING CAFE (porkchop house)

New Lun Ting Cafe, commonly known as the “the Porkchop House,” serves Hong Kong-style comfort food and has been a popular spot for unmarried men in Chinatown since its inception in 1970 (which gave it another nickname as a “bachelor’s cafe.”) When Frances Mah took it over from her father in 1989, she got rid of the U-shaped bar inside and added round tables and booths to bring in families and larger groups (“Women were scared to come here before!” she laughed). She did keep part of the bar for solo diners (or bachelors), which creates a unique diner feel.


But let’s not forget the food: the menu is Cantonese food with British influence. The way to order is is to choose a protein (porkchop or roast beef), side (rice or spaghetti), and a choice of sauce (curry, black pepper, oxtail or their classic brown sauce, which is actually a delightful 70’s burnt orange color.) It’s a go-to spot for locals and people who grew up in Chinatown wanting to take a trip down memory lane, and of course, a loyal band of bachelors that still sit at the bar everyday.


Signature dishes: Roast Pork, Pork Chop, Beef Stew

Established: 1970

Owner: Frances Mah


Address: 670 Jackson Street

Hours: open daily, 10:30AM–9:30PM

Phone: (415) 362-5667


Cash only