Photos by Andria Lo


Film by Emma Marie Chiang with assistance from Martin Peter Bustamante

Produced by Chinatown Community Development Center

Featured In: Chinatown Sweets and Pastries Exhibit at 41 Ross Alley in San Francisco Chinatown from January 24 - February 24, 2019.


AA BAKERY is where you can choose from a variety of Chinese and Western pastries and cakes, eat Hong Kong-style comfort food and order an elaborate custom cake. A photo collage wallpaper showcases their finest creations —- what you see on the wallpaper is what you’re going to get!

Owner Henry Chen came to the States when he was 20 and dabbled in the food industry as a server and cook before landing in pastry, where he’s been ever since. He enjoys making something out of nothing. “With baking, all you have is flour, sugar and eggs -- you basically have nothing to start with, but can be very creative,” said Chen.

And Chen can get creative. He showed us photos on his phone -- elaborate cakes shaped like pyramids, dragons and other provocative novelty designs. “I’ll make anything the customer asks me to!” Chen exclaimed.

Aside from the cake artistry, the best part of AA Bakery is the strong community vibe -- regulars hang out and chat while they sip on Hong Kong-style Milk Tea, a black tea served with condensed milk that has the same buzz as coffee. A loyal following gets some regulars who bus in from other parts of town everyday.

In addition to AA Bakery, Chen also owns VIP Bakery in Chinatown and Dragon City Bakery in the Mission. He is currently working on a 35,000 square foot warehouse in South San Francisco, where he hopes to do more wholesale business and start a culinary baking program.

Proprietors: Henry Chen and Colleen Chen

Year Founded: 2006

Signature Dishes: Dan Tat (Chinese egg tart), Seed and Nut Mooncake, BBQ Beef Turnover

Address: 1068 Stockton Street

Hours: Open Daily, 5:30am - 7:30pm

Phone: (415) 981-0123


Cash and credit cards accepted